Monday, March 30, 2009

Recession Has Altered Retirement Plans of Americans

No doubt the recession has altered the retirment plans of many Americans

Some Not-So-Good News for Retirees

    AT&T Retirees Rally In North Haven
    WFSB - Hartford,CT,USA
    Retirees from AT&T rallied in North Haven Monday amid concerns about
    their benefits. The company is currently negotiating contracts with
    current employees

    Some retirees returning to work
    KSWO - Lawton,OK,USA
    Lawton_A lot of folks who had retired are back on the job, and many
    working far longer than they had anticipated. It isn't because they
    didn't plan for

Here is some more news relating retirement plans to the recession:

In a recent poll Americans estimated that their retirement savings have dropped an average of 25 percent and almost a quarter of those polled (22%) said they now plan to retire later than previously expected.

The expected retirement age jumped 3.6 years to older than age 65 mainly due to the loss of retirement savings.

The Baby Boomer generation—once thought to be moving into the years in which they would be spending their retirement savings—might instead be accounting for more than a third (35%) of total dollars saved by Americans post-recession.
Important Note: An economics professor advices people how to solve the problems of the economy and the recession which the economics professor has avoided by becoming an economics professor.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Career Success Topics - Chapter 3

The image above is the cover of my book Career Success Without a Real Job: The Career Book for People Too Smart to Work in Corporations:
Note that this book is the revised edition of Real Success Without a Real Job.

As I said on
The E.Z. Blog, if you have read the first edition, there is likely no need to purchase the revised edition.
But if you haven't, there are many reasons.
Over the years I discovered several success principles that changed my life.
I found out that I don't need to depend on a corporation to make a real good living.

Here are the topics from Chapter 3 which is called Extraordinary Success Is Achieved by Ordinary People

  • Real People Attain Unreal Success — So Can You!
  • Commit Yourself to Being Successful and You Won’t Have to Be a Victim — Ever Again!
  • Receiving a Lot of Criticism Is a Good Sign That You Are Well on Your Way to Success
  • Action Has Magic, Power, and Grace in It

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Retirement Is Still Tough for Some

The Latest Retirement News is bleak for some:

    Baby Boomer Golden Years
    La Voz Nueva - Denver,CO,USA
    According to the National Retirement Planning Coalition, the future
    looks bleak for “tens of millions of Americans.” It says that, “almost
    forty percent of ...

    US Retirement Assets Tumble 24% in 2008, Spectrem Group Reports
    CHICAGO, IL - Retirement plans have lost nearly a quarter of their
    value in this economic crisis. Total US retirement market assets,
    which include both ...

Retirement wouldn't be difficult to attain if more people followed The Easy Rule of Life depicted in the image above.
Here is a bit about an inspirational book that I wrote several years ago which explains The Easy Rule of Life in full:

Look Ma: Life's Easy

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Book for Retirees

Above is the draft cover for the new edition of my book Real Success Without a Real Job which is now called Career Success Without a Real Job.

Here is a bit about the book:

    Career Success Without a Real Job: The Career Book for People Too Smart to Work in Corporations — by Ernie Zelinski

    This revolutionary career book is for those millions of organizationally averse individuals who would like to break free of corporate life so that they have complete control over their lives. It will also benefit the millions of baby-boomer "retirees" who want to continue
    working, but not in a traditional corporate setting. Positive, lively, and captivating, Career Success Without a Real Job is designed to help you live an extraordinary lifestyle that is the envy of the corporate world — there is no life like it!

Check out more about the book and me at:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

101 Important Things That I Have Accomplished in My Life

I have started a website on Squidoo called My 101 Successes.

This webpage will include the 101 most important things that I have accomplished in my life.

It will come in handy when I get down about some of the things I am trying to accomplish.

By looking at rough "My 101 Successes in Life" list, I realize that I have accomplished a lot of things that many people only dream or talk about accomplishing.

It will definitely give me a psychological boost when I need it.

I would suggest that you create your own to give yourself a boost when you need one.

Check out: