Friday, May 16, 2008

The Future of Retirement

HSBC Insurance's annual global The Future of Retirement study has found that most people would prefer to leave their perspective on life rather than their money as a legacy to their heirs. (Of course, the best way to leave your perspective on life is to write a book.)

That may be for the best, as the report also revealed that only a small proportion of people around the world, mainly in North America and Europe, are financially prepared for retirement.

France was found to have the highest number of people fearing illness and disability in old age (90 per cent), but that drops to around 50 per cent in China and India.

In terms of funding retirement, the study shows that Europeans and Asians will mostly rely on savings, while North Americans will look to stocks and shares.

Clive Bannister, group managing director at HSBC Insurance, said: "There is a potentially ill-prepared generation of pragmatic pre-retirees whose expectations of retirement are in danger of not being met unless they stop and consider now the ways in which they need to plan for the second half of their lives."

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