Friday, September 5, 2008

Retirees May Resist Moving to a Smaller Retirement Home

More than 78 million baby boomers are approaching retirement, and, while most will likely decide to stay in their present houses or homre, some will be relocating.

"For many people 55 and older," reports Associated Press reporter Adrian Sainz in an article in
Forbes, "making the decision to move from a house into a smaller apartment, condo, assisted-living facility or nursing home can be a source of stress, apprehension and fear."

"It's overwhelming for both sides, both physically and mentally," added Nan Hayes, president of, one of many Web sites which helps seniors find relocation resources.

"Apparently age makes it difficult to maintain a single-family home. Other times, financial circumstances, the desire to be closer to family, health issues, a spouse's death or other crises force a move, requiring emotional decisions by seniors and their adult children," wrote

There are a few quotes at
Retirement Quotes about Where to Retire to things in proper perspective:

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