Friday, December 26, 2008

Benefits of Being a Writer

One of the interesting things about being a writer is receiving e-mails and letters about my books.

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    From: yhens zandfel
    To: vip-boosks (at)
    Sent: Wednesday, December 24, 2008 5:44 PM
    Subject: thank you
    one thing i only considred as what LIFE really meant for is to go with the flow - as happy as i could-
    call me shyne. first thing is sorry to say i dont know you exactly even if you already sold out so many books but since i read ur 101 really important things ..... book, there is a part of me that change and that is the fear of decision making especially when my future is involve.yeah ur ryt, the only person hu cn gve such a good advice to me is myself and how cn i achve success if i will not try to do the frsr step.
    last week i acquired a hong kong library card since one of my hobby is reading books. perhaps i was lucky then because the first book i borrowed was urs. i say it i was lucky since u definetely knock my head about the reality.
    i am hre in hong kong for five moths nw working as a domestic helper in short maid even if i finished an agricultural business course since i want to be a successful entreprenuer, i still need to earn in financial terms. i cme from the country philippines and i am a filipina. being a single person, my reason of staying to a foreign country-honestly because im worried for my fututre- and because i want to go canada.
    anyways, i really really want to thank you. i learrned so many from you..i dont expect a response from you as long as i tell you that ur the best.

    merry christmas....

Regardless of how well-writtenn (or lack thereof), I always appreciate hearing from my readers.
This is one of the benefits of being a writer - knowing that you are making a difference in people's lifes.

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