Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boring Retirees Take On Boring Retirement Jobs

Apparently many Americans are taking on new jobs after their "official" retirement.

Some retirees need the extra money and other retirees are simply bored.

Whatever the reason, an increasing number of retirees are opting for semi-retirement by having some sort of retirement job.

Here are eight of the most popular post-retirement jobs.

  1. Consultant

  2. Caterer

  3. Store Greeter

  4. Floral Assistant

  5. Temp

  6. Tour Guide

  7. Retail Worker

  8. More of the Same That the Retiree Used to Work at

To me, the majority of these retirement jobs are boring, boring, boring.

Of course boring retirees will tend to take on boring retirement jobs

Related to the fact than many people who retire actually get a retirment job sooner or later is the trend of many just staying in their jobs.

A recent survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute found that a growing number of American workers are also planning to delay retirement.

That has negative implications for the U.S. job market, where unemployment is high and layoffs continue to grow.

Almost one in four workers (24 percent) postponed plans to retire this year.

Of those postponing retirement 29 percent cited the poor economy, wheras 22 percent cited a change in employment status, 16 percent cited inadequate finances and 12 percent cited the need to make up stock market losses.

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