Monday, June 30, 2008

Retirement Planning: Most Canadians Retire in Summer

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Retirement Not Celebrated by Almost Half of Canadians

A recent survey from Fidelity Investments Canada ULC found that summer time is the best time to retire for Canadians. The third annual 2007/2008 Fidelity Canadian Retirement Survey discovered that June, July and August are the months when the highest numbers of Canadians retire. Unfortunately, this year’s survey shows that more retirees are finding retiring is getting harder.

"Fidelity’s research shows that when it comes to the timing of their retirement, the summer months are the tops for Canadians. When you consider the relatively short summer Canada enjoys, it seems that retiring Canadians want to take full advantage of the summer months by not spending them at work," says Peter Drake, vp, economic and retirement research, Fidelity.

While Fidelity’s research shows that more Canadians retired in the summer months, for almost four-in-10 Canadians celebrating their retirement certainly was not their first priority. Thirty-six per cent of retirees stated that they did not celebrate or mark their retirement with anything special. This is partially explained by the 40% of retirees that report they have continued to work after retiring. Luckily, the majority of retirees did celebrate with company parties (31%), parties thrown by family or friends (18%), taking a special trip or vacation (14%) or starting a new hobby (12%). One-in-seven retirees marked their retirement by meeting with their financial advisor.

More about Canadians in Their Retirement
    1. According to a recently released Statistics Canada study, almost half of Canadian households spend more than their pretax income in a given year. That's up from 39 per cent in the early 1980s. From 1982 to 2001, the study found, per capita debt doubled, because of sharp increases in both mortgages and consumer debt.

    2. 67 percent of Canadians say money is their most frequent worry.

    3. Only 40 percent of Canadians know how many millions are in a billion.

    4. Still worse, only 25 percent of Canadians know the difference between the National debt and National deficit.

    5. According to Desjardins Financial security's latest retirement study, many Canadians are not prepared for the challenges retirement can bring. They are failing to consider a variety of factors and risks that can have an impact on the yield and longevity of their savings, such as inflation, rising life expectancies and healthcare costs. Nearly 60% of those surveyed are not concerned about having a large enough nest egg to sustain their standard of living in retirement. More than 80% have not eliminated their consumer debt in retirement and even more are not concerned about paying off their mortgages (88%). And more than half are not worried that inflation will erode their savings.

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