Friday, August 14, 2009

Create More Money for Your Retirement

Most of the articles I see on Google Alerts for anything relating to retirees has to do with money, their retirement portfolios, and how many of them are short of money.

I am amazed by the number of people that I know who want more money in their lives but are not willing to put in the time, effort, and creativity to generate more income.

If you are short of money, you likely aren't using your time, effort, and creativity to generate more retirement income. Either that or you don't handle money that well.

Here are some ways to attract money into your life according to Joe Vitale that can add to your retirement income:

  • Take action on an idea you have.

  • Write a script of you being wealthy and how it feels.

  • Forgive yourself and others.

  • Read Think and Grow Rich.

  • Turn a problem into a product and sell it online.

  • Feel grateful for something you have.

  • Pray.

  • Create a vision board of what you want.

  • Do 5 things each day on items on your vision board.

  • Ask for help.

  • Help someone else. (by hiring them to help you)

  • Do whatever you are afraid to do. Wealth is hiding behind your fear.

  • Get a retirement job. While you pursue your dream, feed yourself with work.

  • Get clear of limiting beliefs about money

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