Monday, August 24, 2009

Look Ma, Life's Easy Will Be Self-Published Sooner or Later

Korean Edition of Look Ma, Life's Easy
(Published in 5 Foreign Languages But Not in English)
I received the following e-mail about a book I wrote several years ago called Look Ma, Life's Easy


    Thanks for answering my friend request :-)

    Welcome in my friend list also.

    I am Belgian and my native language is French, but I love to write in English. So, I can send my message to you in English. Ok!

    You are Canadian so I thought I could write in French or English, but it ok for me. :-)

    I have read your books since 2003. They have really helped me in my life. I would like to say you Thank you for your works! They are very useful.
    My favourite book is Look Ma, Life's Easy. I read it in French.
    Nevertheless, I would like to find it in English to help an American friend but that cannot be found anywhere? !...We tried; but no success :- ( My friend is Marvin P. He lives in Dallas, Texas. Could we help us to find your book in English version for him? I should be very grateful to you.

    Best Regards
    Catherine D.

The answer to Catherine's question is that Look Ma, Life's Easy was published in 5 foreign languages (Russian, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Korean) but never in English.

Now that I have a new American distributor (National Book Network) for my books, I intend to self-publish the book in the next year or so.

In the interval I am working on my book called The Joy of Being Retired.

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