Sunday, November 22, 2009

Get out of the Rat Race Now!

I arrived in London England on Thursday morning to do some business regarding my books.

Flying Executive Class is even cooler than I thought.

Air Canada has an arrivals lounge for Executive Class passengers at Heathrow 3 where one can take a shower after a long 8.5 hour flight. Refreshing.

Perhaps an Executive Class return full-price ticket is worth $11,900 if you can afford it.

I checked my e-maill messages and there was a message with the heading "URGENT - WALL STREET JOURNAL SEEKING ERNIE ZELINSKI" sent 10 times to two of my accounts.

It was Brett Arends who writes a personal finance column for the Journal.

I e-mailed him back from the Arrivals Lounge and told him to phone me in an hour or two at my friend's place in London which he did.

As a result of a half hour telephone interview, I was quoted in an article in Fridays's Wall Street Journal at:

Get out of the Rat Race Now!
For the record, I am not as frugal as the article indicates. I did fly Executive Class to London England on my Aeroplan miles. If I had to book the trip without the miles on only 2 days notice, it would have cost $11,900.

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