Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Testimonial for "The Joy of Not Working"

This is an e-mail that I just received about The World's Second Best Retirement Book from an individual who decided to take early retirement:

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    As a follow up to my email about quitting work. My last day of work was April 24, 2009. Once I had a plan and my mind was made up, I could not wait until June of 2010.

    My coworkers and family were surprised but wishing they could do the same. So far it has been what I expected. Not an emotional high, but an exciting new direction. I have spent the time working for myself by doing renovations on a house we are listing for sale in early June., walking the dogs, spending time with my wife, with friends and learning to do things without rushing.

    I have found I sleep a lot less. I get up between 4 am and 6 am and go to bed between 10 pm and midnight. In the mornings I relax by, reading and having a coffee or wandering around the yard with the dogs watching the sunrise. I don’t need an after work nap to clear fatigue or a headache ( I had a headache every day with varying severity. About 10 days ago I noticed that they had stopped).

    With the reduced sleep time I have about 2 – 3 hours per day of extra time to use. Amazing.

    Thanks for the book [
    The Joy of Not Working] you wrote because it focused my mind on making this become a reality.

    Gord Roberts

The international bestseller The Joy of Not Working:

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