Sunday, July 26, 2009

More from Leslie about Her Retirement Blues

This is the response I received from Leslie after I responded to her first e-mail about her retirement blues. (See the previous blog for her e-mail and my response.)

    Hi Ernie,

    Thanks so much my dear for replying back to me. I appreciate your time, I know you are busy too.

    And yes! kindly email me this book you mentioned
    101 Really Important Things You Already Know, But Keep Forgetting, I think that's the only one I have not read of your stuff. All the other books you mentioned and the travel books I have and read also. As I enjoy travel and i travel to many places in the world thats on my bucket list besides my annual otra casa in Mexico.

    I can't wait for your new book [The Joy of Being Retired: 365 Reasons Why Retirement Rocks (and Work Sucks!)
    , kindly add me to your list when it is ready!

    You are right that I need to create more stuff on my list that is more challenging to keep the blues away.

    My bucket list had over 2,000 listed of what i want to do before I die, 75% are highly challenging( i love risks, sometimes even death wish risks :-) and have accomplished and dated but mas or menos 200 of them, only because i find them lame and boring that is why i still procrastinate in doing them. Eventually i might have to resort to doing them since there's nothing else left to do.

    Most important thing i admire and love of you is your zest and purpose in your life.

    That is why i feel un inspired, due to lack of my sense of purpose. i have gone tru all religions also yet still lost in the fog lol!

    What keeps you going Ernie?

    I really admire that about you and thank you for being an inspirations to so many people including me. I will listen to you anytime more than i would the preachers, ministers or priests i know lol!

    I too will not accept a billion dollars just to go back to work. i have working for corporate america with their old inside the box rules and regulations-they are all slaves. there is more in life than money.

    I will follow your advise and dig deep in my soul for more challenging stuff to do to keep me from being bored.

    altho i sometimes have to watch what challenging means to me as i tend to do things that might be controverial or border criminalistic lol!!

    Only thing, I wish I could write like you, i always wanted to be a travel writer and make money from all those places i travelled too but hesitated since english is not my 1st language so grammar is struggling for me.

    The only reason i have resorted to just my otra casa every year is cuz i dont know where else to go.

    Part of my bucket list is to travel for a whole year and wake up to whatever country and whatever situation.

    I found those times very fullfilling, now am back here in lousy BC and bored as can be waking up to the same thing.

    It would be nice to scope more countried and take another year off just travelling but I dont have the funds to do so , just living on my savings for emergency monthly living. I never had a regular gov job so dont have no pensions or support like regular blow joes.

    My ultimate challenge to add on my list might be how to be happy homeless and free ;-)

    anyways, sorry , am rambling on ....
    better sign off
    thanks ernie once again for being there for me.

    Keep up the wonderful job you are doing - maybe come up with a book about yourself and how you also deal with your retirement life, so maybe i can use it as my other bible too for inspirations.

    love ya,

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