Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Retirees, Early Retirement and the New Retirement

Here are some of the latest news stories about retirees, early retirement, and the new retirement. Some are good and some not-so-good:

    Retiree plans ruined by financial crisis ABC Online - AustraliaBy George Roberts for PM New research shows that the Global Financial Crisis has ruined the plans of about half of Australia's self-funded retirees.

    Charles Schwab Study Finds 9.5 Million Retirees Hope to Re-Enter ... June was another difficult month for American workers with a net loss of 467000 jobs, compared with 322000 in May Despite diminishing employment opportunities and an economy threatening job security, new research by Charles Schwab & Co., Inc shows that as many as 9.5 million retired Americans are considering at least a partial return to the workforce and 32 percent of those currently employed expect to hold their job and delay retirement.

    "It’s a challenging time to be facing retirement," said Rich Rosso, financial consultant at Charles Schwab’s Houston branch. "The situation many Americans have found themselves in illustrates the importance of long term retirement planning. But in the short term there are also a host of things people can consider to help smooth the ride."

    RETIRING: Seven Keys To A Successful Retirement Wall Street Journal -Rather than sitting around doing nothing in retirement, would-be retirees should scope out what they want to do long before rolling over ...

Here are some resources to help you retire happy, wild, and free:

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